"We value great coffee and tea and provide to the world, as important as creating positive impact to the world"


White Tea|白茶

Silver Needle Planted in West Java, this White Tea is a pure classic Indonesian White Tea with honey like aroma..

Green Tea |绿茶

Our main green tea is Green Pekoe, highland green tea (above 1300m sea level) in West Java, Indonesia. Wholesale ready,..

Robusta Coffee | 罗布斯塔咖啡

Robusta’s coffee taste has a flavorful crema which is used in espresso blends. It can be described as a bit..


Aside from trading, we also concern about continuity and sustainability. Farmers fair price also our concern. 除了交易,我们还关注连续性和可持续性。 农民经济条件也是我们的重点之一。